Welcome to my Audio Blog!

The blog has three sections: Audio Stories, Blog, and KramBooks.

Audio Stories, narratives in a unique podcast style. Subscribe here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Blog, stories focusing on texts and a few images.

KramBooks, Kram is Mark backwards and I am an avid reader. This section is the place to see what books I am reading and my reviews of them.



I am a storyteller, writer, and book lover.


Welcome to the Mister Campbell Audio Blog.

The blog is broken into three sections: Audiostories, Blog, and Krambooks.

Audio Stories- narratives through the podcast format. Listen to upcoming episodes here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Blog- my stories in text format with a splattering of images.

Krambooks- Kram is Mark backwards. I'm an avid reader and this section is a place for me to talk about the books that I am reading and reviews of books that I previously read.

This Audio Blog came from a conversation I had with a friend to combine both audio and texts. I love both the mediums and she said, "Why not start an Audio Blog?" At the time, I never heard of such a thing. She told me about a one guy who had an audio blog so I grabbed my phone and Googled away. I liked his format and decided I would give my own take on the audio blog. Join me on this journey, I promise it shall not be boring.



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