Monk of Mokha


A few weeks ago, I was craving a non fiction that I could consume and easily read. The Monk of Mokha a real life story about Mokhtar a Yemeni-American guy living in San Francisco, California. The books his about his life and his quest to bring Yemeni coffee to the global coffee trade.

However, there are many twists and turns to this story which includes a war, government issues, financial issues, and self-doubt.

I enjoyed this book because it was authentic and digestible. I could grasp all the details and it was plain spoken. I really felt like Mokhtar was just telling me the story in a coffee shop somewhere. Additionally, as an oral historian the book felt like reading one great oral history transcript.

Go purchase the book or reserve it from your local library. The book explains the reason behind the spelling of Mokha versus the spelling of mocha. Lastly, the front cover of the hardcover of the book is beautiful.