An Ode to Organization

Recently, I’ve moved into a new place and did the usual moving routine: finding boxes, acquiring package tape for the boxes, and putting items into boxes. Moving is all about boxes after all, transporting them from one place to another. You cannot move without some sort of box like object.


I’ve never liked moving because I would have to put my items into boxes. It’s been difficult putting my hundreds of books into boxes along with coasters, fountain pens, personal stationary, and candy. Just to name a few items that are in my boxes.

Earlier this week, I grabbed one of those boxes and spread all the contents on the floor. It was easier that way.

The box had contents that were once one of mine dresser drawers. In the pile, I found a Cherry Dum-Dum sucker, a few handkerchiefs, and packets of health insurance information.

I wondered, “Where did the Dum-Dum came from?”

I did not think too hard before I ripped off the wrapper, threw it on the carpet and inserted the sucker into my mouth. I love candy and sweets and I was not going to question why I put health insurance papers, handkerchiefs, and a sucker all in the same box.

As I sucked on the candy I did question, “Do Dum-Dums have an expiration date?”