Change is a river...


Our planet is constantly changing, the Earth is moving rather slowly. Yet, it is moving. This weekend, I went back to Utica where I lived for two years to visit people I knew. It was different I’ve seen folks grow for about three years and now I will not see how their story ends. My chapter in Mark’s book of life closed in Utica and now I’m crafting the first couple of pages in the Hudson Valley chapter of my life.

I had a change I received a new job in the Hudson Valley region of New York. I live close to the Hudson River, the same Hudson River I learned about in elementary school. Growing up, the Hudson seemed small and foreign because Henry Hudson had been dead for centuries and the river itself was hundreds of miles away. The painting of the river in our history book made the river look so small.

Currently I see the river everyday and I frequently walk over the Hudson River on the pedestrian bridge that hovers about the river. The Hudson River itself is an estuary a body of water with both salt and fresh water..

The river water moves by the wind, lunar cycle, and boats that traverse the river heading North to Canada and South towards New York City.

Change is everywhere cliche as it sounds it is true. Maybe I should adapt to it?

Mark Campbell II