Weekend Trip to Vermont April 2018


On the left side of Route 22A there is a Porsche heading South to parts unknown. I think to myself, “Why the hell is there is Porsche coming from Vermont?”

I’m stuck behind two trucks heading North towards Burlington, Vermont. The first truck is a moving truck not that big and the second is a commercial truck. If I had a death wish, I would speed up and pass them both. Yet, I like the land of the living it’s my homeland for the time being so I’ll stay driving below the speed limit. As I pass more farms, mountains, and sporadic houses there is another Porsche heading South on 22A.


Driving thru Vermont

I thought, “Two Porsches in one day. Is there a Porsche dealer up here in Vermont?”

I told myself I would Google this information later. Although, it’s been days since my trip up to Burlington to visit a buddy and I still have not searched for a Porsche dealer in Vermont. Sometimes not knowing a random fact is just alright.