First Weekend in May 2018

It's the first weekend of May it was finally nice out. The sun was shining and it was the "perfect" temperature for me not too hot and not too cold.  My buddy asked me to go visit his family's property near Sloansville, NY, and. to help me move some items into the place. I was free so we headed down there moved in the items and decided to stop for lunch in Little Falls, NY. Little Falls is where another friend of mine lives.

As we walked thorough downtown Little Falls looking at the stores a man came up to us on the sidewalk. We were going to walk right past him when he said to me,

"Hey Guys you should go down the street and see Roman Reigns. He's down there and I got his autograph."

I said, "Roman Reigns! The  WWE wrestler from tv? Where is he?"

The guy responded with mumbles and some place I didn't know. I nodded my head and said,

"Thanks, we'll have to go check it out."

My buddy turned to me and said, 

"Why do you even entertain people with conversation?"

I laughed and said, "Let's go on a quest to find Roman Reigns. He could be here!"

Downtown Little Falls, NY

Downtown Little Falls, NY